The magical province of Yunnan

Everything started on a cold early morning of March 2015 - five brave and enthusiastic photographers were ready to take a plane from Shanghai Hongqiao airport to Kunming and deep into the mountains of western China on an adventure of a lifetime. Our group was Mimo Khair our leader, Martina Ibs, Saima Loan, Petra L-Ikonen and myself,. We traveled and shoot gother for 6 day magical journey through different towns and villages around Yunnan province in the far southwest of China.

The trip was hard at times, with long car trips and very "humble" motel accommodations and meals along the way, but our enthusiasm was always high and nobody ever complained despite the challenges. We each found our unique photographic inspiration in every moment that unveiled in front of our eyes. Among the many memories I am especially fond of these moments below:

I remember the man who was smoking his long bamboo pipe - posing like a model for the camera on the market near Dayangjie, this older man calmly stared back at us and never objected at being photographed by the curious group of "Laowai" so far out of place in that tiny village.

We can never forget the group of girls of Boahua County that were playing elastic jump barefoot, as we interrupted their game to take their pictures they found out that they can play another game which was now posing, running, jumping, laughing, for our cameras - it was so much laughter and joy that all of a sudden we were surrounded by more kids of the town, I don’t know how much time we spent with them, bur for sure it was fun. Making children laugh and taking their pictures is for me the most true and honest image and a way of connecting to a pure soul.

On the third day of our trip, we had another great experience when we met a group of women near Jia Yin, dressed in their beautiful local costumes and dancing in front of the beautiful rice special occasion, not for tourists....just dancing for fun and to celebrate their historical traditions of the village. Mimo took a Polaroid camera and gave them photos of themselves and they were so very happy.

So many wonderful memories captured in over 3000 photos during the short 6 day trip.

This trip was a life changing experience I will surely never forget.

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