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What kind of image can I purchase?

I offer 2 options for purchase, one is Commercial Use - This license offers images, illustrations and photos for commercial use. With this license, content can be used in promotional campaigns such as advertising, as well as on websites and blogs,  and  the second one is Extended Use - This license offers images, illustrations and photos for commercial purposes. This license extends from web and digital to print use.

What am I allowed to do with this image?

Anything but re-distribute or sell it! You may crop, filter, arrange, add your own products to the image, and do anything you need to make the image suit your needs!

What am I NOT allowed to do with the image?

You may NOT redistribute or resell the image.

When do I get my image?

Instantly! As soon as you purchase it, you will immediately download it.

Can you add my logo, image, or text to the image after I purchase?

No. You are responsible for adding your personal touch through Photoshop, Studio phone app, or a free program like CANVA. While tutorial videos will be added to our website in the future, for now there are tons of tutorial videos online and on YouTube.

Am I required to give you credit for my images online?

Nope! They are all yours! Of course, it's appreciated, but certainly not required!

Are you able to do custom images or changes to images?

Unfortunately, no. But I would be delighted to work with you and photograph your product or idea! Please Get one touch!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital instant download items, I do not offer refunds.

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